The Vineyards
Our vineyards, planted between 1996 and 2000, are situated in the Novara hills and Ghemme, land of ancient moraines formed by glacial sediment from Monte Rosa deposited in the valleys between the Sesia and Ticino rivers.

The vineyards are located in three areas. The first that we planted was the Vigna del Golf, which covers about one hectare around the estate, amidst the holes of the Bogogno Golf Course. Not far away, on a small, south-facing hill, historically known as Vigna San Quirico, is the vineyard which provides both the grapes, as well as the name, for our Nebbiolo cru.

Finally, from a large sunny vineyard of six acres in the hills of the renowned DOCG Ghemme territory, comes the fruit used in our most prestigious wines. We’ve chosen the “Guyot” system for training and pruning to obtain lower yields per hectare and greater quality of the grapes and we employ only environmentally-sound treatment in all of our vineyards, respecting the safe and proper use of the products.

The plants, all cultivated guyot style, are managed by hand from the pruning to the harvest. In our vineyards we don't use any chemical weeding and we try to respect the natural ecosystem of the plants defending them from the diseases with non invasive products.  
As we thin out the grapes in excess, the yeld per hectare are normally 1/3 less the quantity provided by disciplinary.